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Welcome to Open Robarts

Website for those that WANT TO KNOW more about what’s going on at ROBARTS Library!

The Truth is Out There!
This website is dedicated to finding out the truth of what’s going on at UofT’s Robarts library! This isn’t some crazy conspiracy theory site about chemtrails or false flag operations. We are not writing about conspiracy theories! When people hear the word “conspiracy theory” they roll their eyes or make a joke about Mel Gibson movies.

We purposefully avoid speaking this way because we want the facts to speak for themselves. You judge the facts and come to your own conclusions!

Rest assured that all facts presented on this site have been researched and sourced by our staff. We strive to be fair and impartial to tell you what’s really going on. Be skeptical! Do your own homework. Go to the library and see for yourself.

This site is a serious look at the goings on at Toronto’s biggest university and most famous library!

  • Fact: Many people don’t know that when the library was built in the 70s, it was only meant for use by graduate students and faculty.
  • Fact: The whole first floor as we know it now was an enclosed space with thick, concrete walls. To get in, you had to climb the steps to the second floor from the outside.
  • Fact: It took a student protest to allow general access to the building and to this day, some floors and areas are off limits to the public or undergrads!
  • Question: Who would make a building like a fortress just for books? Where did the money come from?

If you are still reading with an open, curious mind, you may be just the kind of person we need!

If you are ready to hear the truth and help us find out more, we want you!

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